the re-enchantment of public space

Temporary Gallery, the center for contemporary art in Cologne invites you to visit an exhibition dedicated to the work of katze und krieg. The work of the duo, which has presented countless performances locally and internationally over the past 15 years, is reflected here in the form of a small retrospective showing mostly video documentation. The presentation is intended as an opportunity to summarize and reflect on almost the entire work to date of katze und krieg, who very consistently enchant us with their performances, prompting us to see urban spaces and our lived environment in a different light.

katze und krieg work work with interventions in the everyday world of public space, including, for example, supermarkets, office buildings, residential neighborhoods and pedestrian zones. In their works, they very consistently and boldly examine the functions of public spaces and challenge passersby to question their ordinary notions of them. The friction with the everyday has a poetic potential – moments of freedom, openness to the new, humorous conversations and absurd interactions emerge. The audience is often invited to accompany the artists in their performances, and at times to expose themselves as well.


Aneta Rostkowska


Place and time
Temporary Gallery, Center for Contemporary Art, Mauritiuswall 35, Cologne.
On 24.9.22 there have been hourly guided tours of the exhibition as part of the Theater Night.
On 17.12.22 there was the finissage with an artist talk moderated by Aneta Rostkowska.



Luise Fl├╝gge und Simon Vogel