Make-up tips for the party: unusual always works

Make-up tips for the party: unusual always works

Play a little with the color and be a little more daring. You don’t have to put on make-up at a party, you can really attract attention.

Tips for beginners: Make-up tips for the party

Before you do your makeup, you should put your outfit together. Only then is it decided how to apply your make-up. Because the color of the outfit is decisive for the choice of make-up. Once you have finished getting dressed, you can go to the bathroom. Now the first thing you should do is emphasize the eyes.

How about some smokey eyes? This classic is still popular and makes for sexy moments. The darker the colors, the more your eyes will shine. First, line your eyes with kohl, then use black or dark eyeshadow for the upper lids. You are welcome to exaggerate a little here. With an eyeliner, you can trace and emphasize the whole thing again. Then the mascara comes into play.

Make-up tips for the party: unusual always works

Would you like to score even more? Then use a proper party look. Gold and silver always go down well, with a little glitter on your cheeks you will win every heart. You also have the option to emphasize her lips.

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Use more color for the party, for example a pretty pink or bright red. With make-up tips for the party, you can really step on the gas, because in the dark most people only notice half of them.

What woman has not stood skeptically in front of the bathroom mirror and thought? "my face is so wide" or "my chin is too pointed" or "my lips are too thin" or "the glasses make my eyes so small". Other people usually do not notice the supposed blemish at all, but your own gaze is mercilessly critical and sees the tiniest flaw like with a magnifying glass. Do not despair, because with a few make-up utensils, minor cosmetic repairs are no problem. And a little bit of optical illusion creates amazing effects. With the following tricks you can hide small blemishes or unfavorable proportions with make-up:

Make-up tricks for drooping eyelids and small eyes to click through

Julia Roberts: Big mouth as a trademark

Mind you: Very few people have perfectly even, flawless facial features with ideal proportions. It is precisely the small irregularities that make a face appear alive and give it that individual touch. And sometimes others find the spot that bothers them to be particularly interesting. For example, the big mouth has long since become the trademark of Hollywood beauty Julia Roberts, and the freckles are the icing on the cake of Julianne Moore’s pretty face.

Modeling with color and contrasts

The first basic rule is: always emphasize the part of the face that you like best. This is how you create an attractive eye-catcher. In make-up, you can learn a lot from painters who model faces on canvas with colors and shades. Placed in the right place, blush affects the shape of the face because it acts like an artificial shadow. With a touch of red you can either emphasize the contours or make wide faces appear narrower and angular faces appear softer. The interplay of light and dark also works for the eyes and mouth. For example, narrow lips appear larger when using light lipstick or gloss.

Optical illusion for women who wear glasses

People who wear glasses know the effect: glasses reduce the size of the eyes of myopic people and make them appear larger in people with farsightedness. Here you can use make-up tricks and work with optical illusions. Dark shadows deepen and shrink, light shades enlarge and emphasize. Therefore, nearsighted people should avoid dark eyeshadow and should not frame their eyes with black eyeliner. Conversely, for farsighted people, matte eye shadows in graduated, outwardly darkening shades are favorable.

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Shining eyes are woman’s weapons and they can bewitch anyone. In addition, they are considered to be a mirror of the soul, so you should make sure that you properly emphasize and accentuate your eyes when applying makeup. With a few tricks you can conjure up a great look. Our photo show shows the most beautiful makeup styles.

Put your eyes in the limelight: different make-up styles
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Tips against redness and tired eyes

You can retouch red eyes with a white eyeliner. It is best to use light make-up so that the white outshines the reddening of the eyes.

Small and tired eyes should only be made up on the upper lash line with a dark kohl or eyeliner. Make up the lower inner eyelid with a white kohl so that the eyes appear larger. If you leave a few millimeters free in the middle, shadows under the eyes will be less noticeable and your eyes will shine.

Filling in thin eyebrows: Here’s how

Women with very light hair color in particular are often dissatisfied with their eyebrows. However, eyebrows that are too thin can easily be filled in.

The tip: take medium brown powder eyeshadow and stroke it with an extra fine brush in the direction of growth of the brow. If you use a brow pencil, you should draw very fine strokes and then smudge them with a brow brush so that the brows do not look like bars.

Hide drooping eyelids

If you have drooping eyelids, you should apply make-up very carefully. Apply highlighter cream to the moveable eyelid and set it with a slightly lighter powder. Then use dark brown eyeshadow for the eye socket and slightly blur the resulting line. Finally, you should cover the lashes with black mascara.

Apply makeup properly

Dark circles are one of the most common problems. These can be covered with a concealer. If the rings are particularly dark, you should use camouflage. Always blur the transitions.

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Shining eyes are of course in demand at a nice dinner, on a date or other special occasions. But you also appear fresher in everyday life, and people around you perceive you very differently. This can be very helpful for your appearance.

Lipstick or lip gloss, that is the question. If you can’t make up your mind, ask your partner. Because he is most happy when he can feel your lips. But what is currently actually modern? The lipstick or rather the lip gloss?

Is lipstick still trendy?

Indeed, fewer and fewer women are using lipsticks. This is mainly because they are out of fashion at the moment. If Madonna claims the woman is wearing lipstick again next month, the drugstores will experience a supply shortage. If you already want to apply a lipstick, please choose a soft color. The typical red is no longer trendy. It just looks good with a really red dress, all other outfits don’t harmonize with it. Better get nice brown or dark red lipsticks. There are such beautiful brands and colors in this field, you just have to try them out. Of course, a lipstick doesn’t taste as good as a lip gloss, which is why the partners usually love it more.

Lip gloss for the perfect kiss

There are several reasons men love to kiss lip gloss rather than good ol ‚lipstick. A gloss doesn’t rub off and the man isn’t painted from top to bottom. That has its advantages. But not only that is the reason for a lip gloss, the taste is not to be despised either. Today you can get a gloss in different flavors. For example strawberry or even cola. Since little girls also apply gloss, there are chocolate and other delicious varieties that always taste good.

The trend in cosmetics in the coming autumn season is towards the classic: porcelain-colored complexion, smoky, shaded eyes and intensely made-up lips. The make-up artists celebrate the return of the diva – sometimes glamorous in the style of the 40s, sometimes in sexy sixties and seventies versions. "Noble, stylish, but also extravagant, thanks to strong colors" This is how the chairwoman of the Association of German Cosmeticians, Monika Ferdinand, describes the look of the coming season. These are the fall makeup trends.

Photo show Perfectly made up in twelve steps

Intense colors dominate

The colors are powerful and intense this autumn and winter. Smokey eyes are back in fashion in the evening. The eyes are strongly emphasized. A typical color for this is gray in all nuances. In addition to the gray tones, there are also plum and brown nuances, because these tones are also suitable for the smoky look. But not only gray and brown in all shades are trendy, violet, gold and silver are also trendy colors.

Mix and Mix

With the eyeliner, a hard line is not drawn as before. Instead, the colors are mixed and blurred. And in addition to the classics black and brown, you can also find unusual colors such as purple and green. The retro look is perfect with artificial eyelashes. "Individual hairs between your own eyelashes make the lash line appear thicker and ensure a sexy look" explains the expert.

Sensual red lips

If the eyes are strongly emphasized, the lips are colored with restraint. This basic rule also applies in the coming season, at least during the day. The contrast to the darkly made-up eyes are lips with a beige or rose-colored gloss. But in the evening the lipstick can be applied more heavily, no matter how dramatic the eye make-up is. According to a diva, a rich red in various shades is the favorite.

Would you like to optimally make-up your oval face? Then you should definitely buy a few different shades of color. With it you can conjure up facets in your face that can change your entire style. But what else is important when applying make-up on the oval face?

Always optimally make-up your oval face

The widest part of an oval face is the cheekbones. The great thing about makeup is that you don’t have to use different colors for makeup here. You have all the options in the world to make-up your eyes, lips and cheeks as you like. Anyway, anything suits you with an oval face. How about smokey eyes or a romantic look? Anything can be done to your face, just don’t overdo it. You can also apply make-up very gently. In the office or for everyday life, that’s enough. An oval face is naturally so pretty that you hardly have to change anything.

Emphasize an oval face even more

If you want to get even more out of your face, then you should definitely emphasize the cheeks. Buy yourself a variety of colors of blush and apply it.