Upon acceptance of the application, the rags appoints the registration of the marriage in a month.

Upon acceptance of the application, the rags appoints the registration of the marriage in a month.

Sample extract from the protocol:

EXCERPT FROM THE PROTOCOL № meeting of the open society "Ukraine" on January 11, 1997. The statement of the expert Grachev Yu. M. Resolution: To allocate to Grachev YM a permit to the sanatorium "Green Bir" from February 1, 1997. The original was signed by: Chairman of the meeting (signature) LR Prylutsky Secretary (signature) N. I. Privalov



The conversation is usually conducted by two or a small number of participants and covers a relatively small range of issues.

A business conversation can take many forms. Its participants, based on a general approach to business communication, are guided by common rules for such relationships. Attention in the interlocutor, tact and ability not only to speak, but also to listen patiently and attentively play a crucial role in business relations. According to scientists, the process of listening is an essential component of the work of a non-productive worker, it is 45% of working time, while speaking – 30%, and 16% and 9%, respectively – reading and writing. And although these are fairly generalized data, the ability to listen and understand a person is a remarkable art.

A business conversation will have a positive result only if the interlocutors carefully perceive the point of view and evidence of their partner, expressed in essence, with the appropriate tactful reaction to the information received.

Given the issues that will be raised during the conversation, the purpose of the meeting, age, gender, as well as the behavior and nature of the relationship of the participants, we can identify the following main phases of the business conversation:

establishing the time and place of the meeting (in neutral, own, foreign territory); the way of contact, the beginning of the conversation (in its territory the initiative belongs to the owner, he also dictates the rules of the game; in neutral – the initiative belongs to the one who came first: greetings, initial gestures and phrases to mobilize attention); formulation of a specific purpose of the meeting (in the form of a problem or task); exchange of subject proposals and elaboration of decisions (evaluation of proposals and adoption or non-adoption of a decision on each item of the raised issue); fixing the final agreement and leaving the contact, ending the conversation (summarizing the final results of the business conversation, fixing (in writing or otherwise) mutual obligations and distribution of functions for the implementation of decisions).

Each of these phases has a basic principle according to which the interlocutor must act in order to achieve a positive result.

Both sides of the business conversation should be polite, friendly, benevolent, show genuine interest and respect for the interlocutor, courtesy and emotional restraint in the controversy, tact and ability to empathize and understand each other’s problems. When talking, you should look at the interlocutor to adjust the further course of the business conversation in case of loss of interest in the topic. In order to achieve a fuller mutual understanding, it is necessary to master not only the ability to speak convincingly, but also to listen carefully to the interlocutor.

The effect of a business conversation depends on how participants prepare for it, whether they know what principles should be followed in its individual stages, whether they can control their behavior during the conversation, whether they can turn the conversation into a fruitful dialogue, or take into account the psychology of the partner.


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Official legal documents: claims and statements. Abstract

Claims of citizens in district (city) courts. Applications to notaries. Applications to the registry office

Claims of citizens in district (city) courts

Claim for annulment of marriage. The marriage is considered invalid in the following cases: those who marry have concealed the fact of being married; have not reached a certain age; are in a blood relationship; incapacitated due to dementia or mentally ill.

A sham marriage is a marriage without the intention of starting a family, it covers an illegal agreement. The marriage is declared invalid by a court decision.

With a statement of claim for annulment of marriage may apply to the court of the spouses (or one of them), interested persons (guardians, prosecutor).

The statement of claim is sent to the court at the place of residence of the defendant, and after his death – at the location of the property. In cases where the defendant is in places of imprisonment or if the defendant is mentally ill, the application for annulment of marriage is filed in court at the place of residence of the plaintiff.

Divorce statement of claim. Divorce claims are filed either in the courts or in the registry offices. The latter are referred to when there are no minor children or property disputes.

The court may satisfy the claim only on substantial grounds. An application for divorce from a pregnant woman or wife who has a child under one year of age may be accepted by a court with the consent of the wife. The courts accept applications for divorce in the event that persons are duly declared missing or incapacitated due to mental illness or dementia, or persons sentenced to imprisonment of at least three years. A divorce application is usually filed at the defendant’s place of residence.

When making a decision on divorce, the court determines the amount of payment for the issuance of a certificate of divorce. Spouses do not have the right to remarry without obtaining a divorce certificate.

Statement of division of property. The property of the spouses, acquired in cohabitation, is usually divided in the event of divorce. The legislation confirms the equality of the share of property in the division, regardless of the financial position of the spouses. The division can be made by the spouses themselves, and if not, this task is solved by the court at the request of the plaintiff.

Applications to notaries

Requirements for making wills. A will may be made by a capable person. There are two forms of will: notarized and equated to notarized.

The will is made in writing indicating the place and time of its compilation, personally signed by the testator and notarized. The citizen in whose favor the property is bequeathed is not entitled to be present at the drawing up of the will and to sign it instead of the defendant.

The will may indicate each person to whom the property remains. It is possible to indicate in the general form: "to my children" "to my parents" it is possible to specify specifically what property is allocated. A will for the state of health of citizens or for other reasons may be drawn up and certified by a notary at home, in hospital and other institutions. Wills of citizens who are in the army, on ships, in expeditions, are certified by the first leaders and are equated to notarial.

The will is made in copies, one of which must be kept in a notary office or executive committee.

The will is certified by a notary or other official who performs notarial acts.

Applications for the issuance of duplicate documents, extracts and certificates of copies. Notary offices issue duplicates of documents based on written applications of citizens. The application, in addition to the request, contains precise information about the required document, its name, date of issue, number in the register, for which purpose it is required.

The application for a certificate of inheritance must be made in writing. The authenticity of the heir’s signature on the application is certified by a person performing notarial acts. If the heir personally showed up at the notary’s office at the place where the inheritance was opened and submitted an application, his signature does not need to be certified. The notary shall establish the identity of the heir and the authenticity of his signature in accordance with the established procedure. This is noted by the notary on the application.

In the application for the issuance of a certificate of the right to inheritance and that he accepts the inheritance of the deceased, the heir indicates the notary office to which it is addressed; last names, first names, patronymics and testator, addresses, date of opening of inheritance, other heirs, composition of hereditary property. In addition to the application, a copy of the application for the death of the deceased, the original will, documents proving the ownership of the inheritance are attached.

Statements and agreements arising in connection with the sale, alienation, donation of property. According to the current legislation, when selling residential buildings and drawing up contracts https://123helpme.me/animal-farm/ in a notary office, the notary, in addition to documents confirming the ownership of the house and its registration, checks the consent to sell the other spouse, the consent of family members for sale or gift house, etc.

Applications to the registry office

Marriage statement. Those wishing to marry in person shall submit an application in the prescribed form and content to the rags department or to the executive committees of the village council. When applying, documents proving the identity of the applicants – a passport or a document that replaces it.

The rags department, which accepts marriage applications from citizens, explains in detail both the conditions of marriage and the obstacles to it. Upon acceptance of the application, the rags appoints the registration of the marriage in a month.

A special form of application for marriage registration is a marriage contract. It is concluded voluntarily and comes into force from the moment of its registration. A notarized form is required for a marriage contract. The marriage contract provides for property rights and responsibilities of the spouses, moral issues. A marriage contract cannot worsen the condition of the spouses.

Application for registration of the birth of a child. The application for registration of birth is submitted to the rags body by the child’s parents or one of them within three months from the date of his birth. If the registration deadline is violated, the rags cannot refuse registration.

When registering the birth of a child, in addition to the application, a medical certificate of birth of the child is submitted, which confirms the fact, place, date of birth. The fact of registration of the child’s birth is reflected in the passports of the parents, which indicate the last name, first name, patronymic, day, month, year of birth, the number of the issued birth certificate.

The application for paternity is submitted by persons who are not registered in marriage to the rags authorities at the place of residence.