We will be partners in a business that I proposed „“, announced Piqué

We will be partners in a business that I proposed „“, announced Piqué

"It has been a very hard day, in which families, children and grandparents have wanted to vote and the National Police and the Civil Guard … the images speak for themselves. Today’s acts have been seen by everyone and I think there will be consequences".


Piqué has not wrinkled at any time. He has always been to the point and one step ahead of the current Board of Directors. Thus, for example, he jumped into the ring to denounce an arbitration and media campaign against Barça.

“Today it was very clear what happened on the pitch. Don’t ask me. You have all seen it. We have been superior, ”he said after a Villarreal-FC Barcelona (1-1) in January 2017, referring to the book penalty (Bruno’s hands inside the area) not sanctioned by Iglesias Villanueva.

In March, after a Villarreal-Real Madrid (2-3) with referee aids to the white team, he tweeted: "Against the same teams. 8 points. 8 and such". And he added images from the Madrid press in which they echoed the arbitration errors that had favored the white team.

And after Real Madrid won the 2016-17 Champions League, he put things in their place and lowered the fumes to which they grew: "The day you see us do a parade to win a Cup, that day you can say that Madrid has an important cycle because we got Madrid to do a parade for a Cup".

Some of Piqué’s phrases that have generated debate:

Piqué bursts into tears: "We just want to vote"

Wenger’s surreal statements on Barça and independence

"I watched Madrid’s semi-final against Juventus with Buffon’s shirt. I am like that and I want Madrid to always lose. It is the sporting rivalry that has always been. They won’t change me"."For me, being whistled at the Bernabéu is a symphony"."In a democratic state, the right to decide is the most democratic there is"."I play for Spain because right now I am Spanish, not for prestige. My club has won two triplets and a sextet"."Mourinho is destroying Spanish football"."For Madrid it is screwed that Barça win so much"."I would like to be president of Barça"."Thanks Kevin Roldán. Everything started with you"."Arbeloa is not a friend of mine. He is an acquaintance, acquaintance … acid, but not a friend".

Álvaro Arbeloa was quick to jump into the ring after Gerard Piqué appeared at a press conference at the Ciudad del Fútbol in Las Rozas to launch a conciliatory message. The ex-Madridista did not like the words of the central defender and attacked him through Twitter. "How easy it is to disrespect anyone who gets ahead of you and then ask for it for yourself", stated Arbeloa who ended up stating that "The one who sows winds, reaps storms".


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Whistled Piqué Gerard Piqué Independence of Catalonia Referendum in Catalonia

This end of his tweet gives a free pass, therefore, to the possible whistles that the footballer may receive this Friday in Alicante in the match that Spain will play against Albania, qualifying for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Piqué appeared to calm down and generate the Best possible atmosphere with the views set in the selection. An intention that Arbeloa wanted to destroy, despite the fact that the former player has https://worldbets.top/en/1xbet/ always declared a very fervent position regarding the Red.

The relationship between the two has deteriorated for years due to the exchange of messages on social networks. On this occasion, it has been the ex-Madridista who has decided to fan the controversy.

Piqué does not resign to the Spanish selection

Pique: "I did not see the King’s speech because we were playing pocha"

Piqué answers the question of whether he is an independentist or not | The Golazo of GOL

Poli Rincón, a former Spanish international, has entered into the controversy raised in the Spanish soccer team after the latest statements by Gerard Piqué about the referendum in Catalonia. Poli Rincón, with his statements, has further ignited the spirits among fans opposed to the presence of Gerard Piqué in the Spanish team. Rincón has asked Piqué to leave the Spanish team.


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Whistled Piqué Gerard Piqué Independence of Catalonia Referendum in Catalonia

Poli Rincón, now a sports commentator, stated in the program ‚El Partidazo‘ of the COPE Network that "We cannot let a man attack the shield and the country, ”said Hipólito Rincón in reference to Piqué, after commenting that the referendum was "illegal".

La Roja players demonstrate about the ‚Piqué crisis‘

L’Equipe dedicates its cartoon to Piqué and Catalunya

 „When has Piqué defended Spain? I have never heard it. When has he come out defending the flag and the shield or has he asked that the flag of Spain not be blown? ”Rincón asked himself before the microphones, to add that "if they prohibit him from playing in Spain, they make him a martyr. This is not a debate, when you go to the national team, you are going to defend a country and this man has voted against my country, he has gone to an illegal vote ”.

There is very little left for the Eurocup to start and Spain still remains first in the group. This time they will face Romania in the fifth qualifying match of the ten they will have to fight.


Act. 09/04/2019 at 10:43 CEST

Esteban Garcia Marcos


Whistled Piqué

Thus, the Hispanic team has not yielded absolutely any points, beating Norway (2-1), Malta (0-2), Faroe Islands (1-4) and Sweden (3-0). This infallibility has allowed him to take the lead in the group five points behind Sweden and Romania, who are fighting for second place. Thus, Romania plays more than our national team, which is why it is to be expected that the Dacian team will have it all.

For their part, the Romanians only dug the knee against the Swedes in a tight 2-1 early in qualifying. Therefore, it is to be expected that the yellow team will do everything to impose themselves on Spain and create being able to overcome the Swedish team.

We will be able to enjoy the qualifying match on Thursday, September 5 at 8:45 p.m. We can see it on public television on La 1.


Thanks to LiveSoccerTV we know where the game will be broadcast internationally.

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Barça played a game at La Cerámica in which they showed their best version, with a showy and cheerful game, in which the team was seen enjoying thanks to a tactical scheme more suited to the players on the pitch.


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Ivan San Antonio @sanantheone


Antoine Griezmann Whistled Piqué Luis Suarez Marc André Ter Stegen Sergi Roberto Jordi Alba Sergio Busquets Leo Messi Arturo vidal Clément Lenglet Nélson Semedo

The first half of the blaugrana was a video library, with offensive, fast, tense and vertical football. Quique Setién’s drawing was an absolute success, positioning Sergi Roberto in the left-handed interior and entering the position of Griezmann and Leo Messi, both away from the band. 

The first goal came thanks to a center from Jordi Alba on the left wing that Pau Torres finished off on target, forced by the presence of Griezmann. Villarreal tied, but, after a play by Leo Messi, Suárez scored a great goal. Like the third, from Antoine, who took advantage of Vaseline a soft drop with Messi’s heel. So yes.

The second half did not lower Barça’s level, although fatigue took its toll on both teams. Sergi Roberto covered Semedo when he was substituted and he continued to be one of the best. He assisted Messi in the fourth goal, but the VAR, who never doubts with Barça, canceled him offside. If it was, it was because of a shrimp’s hair.

Ansu Fati, with a play that was festering, marked the fourth, this time without the possibility of it being annulled. The youth squad dribbled and resolved, gently, moving the ball away from Asenjo. 

These are the notes of the Barça players against Villarreal: 

Gerard Piqué addressed his alleged bad relationship with Sergio Ramos at a press conference due to the political discrepancies between them. The Barça defender replied when asked what the environment is like with the madridista each time they are in the national team and assured that everything is about "of a lie" driven by the media.


On at 14:39 CEST


Sergio Ramos Whistled Piqué Gerard Piqué Independence of Catalonia Referendum in Catalonia

In Sport English

Pique says his relationship with Madrid’s Sergio Ramos is "phenomenal"

"What about Sergio and I is all a lie. We have a phenomenal relationship and I would like you to see it one day. It is easy for every two by three to say that we meet to bring positions closer together. But we don’t really need it, we are very close to each other", he assured.

What is pocha?

Pique: "I did not see the King’s speech because we were playing pocha"

The most surprising answer came next. In a spontaneous way, and to exemplify his good relationship with Ramos, the Catalan defender explained that he and the Madrid player will start a business project together. "We will be partners in a business that I proposed to you"announced Piqué.

Gerard Piqué, center-back of the Spanish soccer team, declared this Wednesday his intention to continue with the Spanish soccer team. Despite the difficult moments experienced in recent days, Gerard Piqué has made it clear that he does not intend to resign from the Spanish team and that, as long as his teammates and his coach want him, he will remain there.