a roadtrip into the absolute life

Driven by the longing for a life full of liveliness, katze and krieg set out into the world. They don’t know which way they will go, nor what will happen. But they have one goal: they are looking for freedom.

Each performance is accompanied by five people, who sit on the back rows of a minibus, driven by katze und krieg. During the ride through the suburban and urban surroundings katze und krieg stop again and again, for example to waltz in foreign front gardens, bank branches or on traffic islands. They jump in front of the eyes of the astonished owner into foreign paddling pools, sing love songs for strangers and even invade supermarkets as wild animals. Each roadtrip is unique as katze und krieg encounter always new situations in public space and try out new ideas for interventions of freedom.


On 29.6./30.6./1.7./2.7./3.7./7.7./8.7./9.7./10.7./11.7. 2008 the Performnace was shown as part of the “Rundgang” at the HBK Braunschweig.
On 15.11./16.11.2008 the Performnace was shown in the context of the exhibition “StadtMachtKunst” of the a7 e.V. in Hannover.
On October 5, 2008 the performance was shown twice a day in the context of the exhibition “Parasit” starting from the project space Satellit of the gallery Anita Beckers Frankfurt am Main.
On 9.7./10.7./11.7. 2009 the performance was shown at the festival “ARENA…der jungen Künste” in Erlangen.


The work was awarded with the audience prize of the festival “ARENA…der jungen Künste” in Erlangen (2009).


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“Die unglaubliche Reise in einem total verrücktem Fahrzeug” by Christina Röfer in Spots Festivalzeitung (1. Edition at 8. 07.09)
“Ein Erlebnisbericht” by Melanie Martins in: Parasit – Katalog Projektraum Satellit (Galerie Anita Beckers) Frankfut/M. 2008


Supported by the HBK Braunschweig and by the generous loan of the private minibus of the family Gott.