on the streets

Leave it, your home, and come to us on the street.

In summer 2016 katze und krieg live and work together with the artist duo we are visual two weeks on the streets of the well-off district Cologne Sülz without any money. During this time, the four artists explore alternative strategies of using urban space. They sleep in different places, forced perform private acts such as washing and hanging up laundry, cooking, eating, resting or showering in public, and thus become more and more art figures of the district.
An audience, invited to the final performance, is allowed to experience a three-hour walking tour through the neighborhood. Introduced to the artists’ strategies of living and surviving on the streets, the audience is guided to hang around, collect bottles, and discover the sleeping places, which the artists left behind as installative interventions. Finally, the audience is invited to prepare a meal from the food they dumpster dived and spend a night on the street with the artists.


On August 19/20/21, 2016, the performance took place in Cologne Sülz, Germany.
On November 30, 2017, a presentation of the project took place as part of the Kunsthasserstammtisch at the Genscher Gallery in Hamburg, Germany.


katze und krieg and we are visual


Vera Drebusch, wav, UJB


Vivien Grabowski