the worlddeclaration

katze und krieg approach inhabitants of a specific village or part of a city. On the streets, in the supermarket, in restaurants, and at the front door of their houses they unabashedly confront the people with simple why-questions about their taken-for-grantednesses, habits and ideas about their own living and environment.  katze und krieg record the questions and answers with an audio recorder. With this method, the two artists scan the entire place and, when edited together, create an auditory picture about the everyday structures of the site and the people who live there.

Excerp of the “worlddeclaration of Burgbrohl”

“worlddeclaration of Rheydt”


On 3.10.18 katze und krieg present the “Worlddeclaration of Burgbrohl” as a sound work at the Kunstpavillion Burgbrohl after a four-week artist in residence on site. The project was supported by the AIM e.V. Kulturprojekte im ländlichen Raum, the ArtLab im Kunstpavillon Burgbrohl, the Fonds Soziokultur e.V. and the Ministry of Science, Further Education and Culture Rheinland-Pfalz and the Volksbank Foundation.
On 24.06.2019 katze und krieg present the “Worlddeclaration of Neu-Ulm” as a live performance, starting from the Edwin Scharff Museum. The performance was part of the project Streifzüge der Kunst  in Neu-Ulm.
From 7-10.05.2020 katze und krieg present the “Worlddeclaration of Rheydt” as a sound work in the context of  Rheydter Resonanzen by the Montagsstiftungen. The soundcollage can be heard afterwards over the course of the exhibition on site.


Die Welterklärung von Burgbrohl” in Olbrück Rundschau No.39 at 26.09.2018
“Die Welterklärung von Burgbrohl” in Blick aktuell in september 2018
“Mit der Lupe durch Burgbrohl” by Petra Ochs in Rheinzeitung at 18.09.2018
Broadcast contribution at 27.9.2018
“Kissen, katze und krieg – ein roter und ein blauer Faden in den Straßen von Rheydt” by Theresa Herzog at the faktorkunstblog of the Montagsstiftung at 15.05.2020


The “worlddeclaration of Burgbrohl” was nominated for the federal award competition “Innovationspreis Soziokultur” lead theme HEIMAT by the board of trustees of Bundesfonds Soziokultur e.V.