distance but close

Corona, the associated uncertainty and the well-founded fear of infection make it almost impossible to meet strangers in public spaces. But meeting and exchanging can broaden perspectives and strengthen social cohesion. For this reason katze und krieg would like to get to know strangers in the public space of Essen. How is this possible while observing safety distances and hygiene rules?

In Essen, in February 2021, passers-by are invited to sit down on the empty chair opposite, but far away from one of the artists of katze und krieg and to get in touch via telephone. Next to the handset are cards with questions that can be asked to the other person. The handset, chair and table are disinfected after each visit.


On February 4/5/11, 2021 the performance took place in Essen Rüttenscheid and Katernberg as part of the working group “Insecurity Now! Strategies, Practices, Resources” of the Global Young Faculty.


On February 19, 2021, katze and krieg spoke about the performance “Distance but Close” during the final digital event of the Global Young Faculty: Insecurity Now! Strategies, Practices, Resources.


katze und krieg


The performance was supported by Mercur Research Center Ruhr, Stiftung Mercator, UA Ruhr and Initativkreis Ruhr.