how to become deeply cool

Get out of your suit, get rid of your tie, wipe off your make up, the false modesty, the reserved smile and the niceties! Damn the social corset! Take the golden necklace, the cap and the baggy that is much too wide! Because, we don’t want to limit ourselves anymore! We want to show who we can be! We want to spit on the floor, take the space we deserve, mercilessly express our opinion and pose really cool.

katze und krieg invite their adult audience to dress with loose t-shirts, baggies, cappies and golden necklaces and then move around the block as gangs. Along the way, they learn from teenagers how to rap, breakdance, pass tests of courage and spray graffiti. Thus, the adults are guided by the youth specialists to take space, say what they think and dare, in short: HOW TO BECOME DEEPLY COOL!


On September 12 / 13 / 14 / 19 / 20 / 21, 2013, the performance took place in Cologne starting from the Kölner Künstler Theater.
On June 25, 2014 the performance took place in Bielefeld starting from Theaterlabor Bielefeld.

Performance and concept

katze und krieg


Andre Pflug, Leonardo Dzeladin, Marvin Kreft, Mervin Antony Cruz, Ismael Ba, Rocky Yann, Thilo Engels, and Kenan Kruse.


Ela Mergels


Gefördert vom Fonds Soziokultur, dem Kulturamt der Stadt Köln und der Bezirksregierung des Landes NRW