in the woods

Leave it behind, the city.
And come to us in the forest.

In summer 2015 katze und krieg live and work together with the choreographer Oleg Soulimenko and the dancer and performer Andrey Andrianov for two weeks in a forest near Overath next to Cologne. They spend the night in tents and are provided with food, furthermore they are on their own in the forest. They allow themselves to be changed by life in nature and develop new traits of being from it.

After two weeks the audience is taken by bus from the citycentre of Cologne to the artists in the forest. For three hours, the audience is invited to stroll through the forest and experience it differently. On their way under beech trees they meet Little Red Riding Hood who invites them to get lost in the forest, in the dense coniferous forest the Paramour of the forest lures the visitors deeper into the firs to unite with the earth, under sunlit spruces there is a construct made of sticks that is able to read the thoughts of the forest, and the King of the forest invites visitors to take a seat on his throne on the hunter’s stand.


katze und krieg, Oleg Soulimenko und Andrey Andrianov


On August 07/08/09, 2015, a bus took the audience from Cologne to a wooded area near Overath.


Vera Drebusch


Vivien Grabowski


Winners of the SK Foundation’s Cologne Theater Prize 2015


“Von der City in den Wald” by Katharina Hamacher in der K├Âlnische Rundschau am 1. August 2015
“gerade ziemlich stressig” Stadtrevue in july 2015


Supported of the family Hundt, their agriculture und wood. Funded by the Land NRW.