in the company

In autumn 2017 katze und krieg invite the Australian artist duo Clark Beaumont to explore the corporate worlds of Cologne over the course of a three-week residency. They elaborate an interventive tour that propagates performance art as an enrichment in the everyday working life of companies.
Together with an audience of 20 people, the four artists, dressed in chic bussiness clothes, enter a company complex. The audience can hear the artists’ explanations and conversations via radiotransmitter. The artists knock on the doors of companies and ask if they may enter, in order to show a visual performance directly on site that is meant to enrich the workplace. When they are allowed to access the company, one of the artists hides under her coat for the living image YOUR REFUGE, for instance. In the meantime, one of the artists, who is guiding the tour, explains to the audience that this performance is intended to encourage retreat in moments of excessive demands at work. For the living image I AM FINE, I JUST FEEL FRAGILE, an artist in business attire lies down on the company floor in an embryonic posture. The performance wants to reveal fragility and vulnerability in the workplace and means to integrate also emotions of weakness into everyday working life in opposite to the pressure of capitalistic working life where it is normal to show just strength and power. For the living image INTO THE WILD, the four performers move in circles with excessive movements while making moaning and groaning exclamations. This performance is meant to serve the release of emotions and excess energies that may build up during rationally controlled work in a seated position.


katze und krieg and Clark Beaumont


On 21.11.2017 the performance took place at the Westgatecenter near Rudolfplatz in Cologne.
On 22.11.2017 the performance took place through the companies in the Agrippaviertel in Cologne.
On 23.11.2017 the performance took place through the offices of the Rheinauhafen in Cologne.


Vivien Grabowski


“Sturm aufs Büro” in Kölnischen Rundschau on November 22, 2017
“In der Firma” by Norbert Raffelsiefen, not published 2017


Sponsored by the State of NRW and the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne.