Mary, Joseph and the donkey

katharinajej alias holy Mary and 6 months pregnant, together with Julia Dick alias holy Joseph, and not the father of the child, and the donkey Boromir walk in the days before the Holy Night 2017 from Cologne towards home southwards. Tired from their way through villages, suburbs, industrial areas, city centers and shopping malls, as well as from the cold of the day, they seek shelter and warmth for the night in the early evening. So the pregnant Mary and Joseph with the donkey knock on the front doors of strangers and ask if they can spend the night with them. Do the people, who are just getting in the mood for Christmas, give the biblical figures together with the donkey a roof over their heads?

When Mary, Joseph and the donkey ring the second doorbell in Mainz, Heiko Schulz spontaneously invites them into his villa. The donkey is allowed to spend the night in the garden next to the swimming pool, while Mary and Joseph sleep in the house. Together with their host and his daughter they eat and sing Christmas songs. The next day they move on to Wiesbaden. There they are invited by a hotel owner to spend the night in his hotel for free, while the donkey is allowed to sleep in the garage on straw and cardboard.


The performative journey took place in the days before Christmas in 2017.


Hans Bühler


The performative walk was accompanied and lovingly supported by Hans Bühler and his donkey Boromir.