Do we really fulfill our needs by going shopping in the pedestrian zone and buying the latest cell phone or the thirtieth pair of shoes? On May 11, 2015 katze und krieg open a new, very different store for one week in downtown Cologne – right in the middle of the shopping and consumption frenzy: MONEY.EXPERIENCE.SATISFACTION.NOW.

Where the rents are the highest in Cologne, a store is founded, that before has not found a place in the existing homogeneity of the shopping street. katze und krieg open a space for needs – a store that does not sell material objects, but performances that bring the buyer closer to the fulfillment of his or her true needs. There are ten performances to choose from, which can be purchased and which try to fulfill needs such as trust, joy, or wealth. Each performance is performed together with katze und krieg and the buyer. For example, katze und krieg lie down together with the customer for 10 minutes in the middle of the pedestrian zone on a large air mattress and listen to meditative music in order to perform the performance “CLOUDS IN HEAVEN for more relaxation”. When buying the performance “THE ANIMAL for the animal in you”, they shake a street lamp together with their customer and for the performance “DEEP LOVE for more love” they hug in silence for five minutes in public.


From May 11 – 21, 2015, the store was open in downtown Cologne, so a variety of performances were sold and performed daily. “Money.Experience.Satisfaction.Now.” took place in cooperation with the sommerblut Festival.


“Money.Experience.Satisfaction.Now.” was nominated for the Cologne Theater Award.


Werner Originals, UJB


WDR Corso report by Peter Backhof May 2015
WDR 5 Scala Interview together with Thomas Frank 12.5.2015


Funded by the City of Cologne, NRW KULTURSekretariat and by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of NRW and the sommerblut festival.