Write us your farewell letter for the house that has become an object of speculation.
We shout out your letter into the world.
Again and again.
In the middle of the street.

The city of Düsseldorf sells the annex of the Wilhelm Marx House – once a home for non-profit organizations – to a private investor. This affects the foreign societies of the Brücke, as they lose their meeting place. Over their heads, the decision was made that this place, which had provided a home for intercultural encounters for decades, would now be lost. katze und krieg invite the members of the foreign societies to write farewell letters for the building. They lecture these letters loudly from the street, in loops and amplified by a microphone and boxes, directly addressing the annex of the Wilhelm Marx House. Experiences, unspoken words, grief, anger, gratitude and disappointment are thus made audible and are published.


The performances took place from 16.6.2018 – 23.6.2018 as part of the city project “wenn die Häuser Trauer tragen” of the Impulse Theater Festival in Düsseldorf.


Produced in the mark of the city project of the Impuse Theater Festival.