BUY PerformanceKunst.
POSESS PerformanceKunst.
SELL PerformanceKunst.

katze und krieg take performance art, which in its roots resisted marketing, to the art market. The two artists turn into gallery owners and open the first existing PerformanceKunstGallery with a booth at the art fair KÖLNER LISTE , which takes place parallel to Art Cologne.

The two gallery owners sell performance art of the performance artists katze and krieg. With the purchase of one of their performances, the respective stage rights contractually pass into the possession of the buyer, who can include it in his or her collection, exhibit it and, of course, resell it even if it has increased in value. With the purchase of a performance, the buyer is also obligated to participate in the premiere of the performance at on site at the KÖLNER LISTE.

There are four participative performances for sale that intervene in the art fair: “artificial training to deepen the self”, “artificial training to deepen the smile”, “artificial training to deepen the contact” and “artificial training to deepen the being together”. For the performance “artificial training to deepen the contact” katze und krieg bring the buyer in physical contact with collectors or gallery owners at the fair.




On April 15/16/17/18/19, 2015 the PerformanceKunstGallery was part of the artfair KÖLNER LISTE. The Performances were sold and performed on site.


WDR 5 Scala report by Peter Backof on April 16, 2015
Letter of the buyer Johannes Stahl on 25, February 2015