release your inner animality

You shower every day?
Your underwear is ironed?
You blush when you say the word penis?
You cut your fingernails?
You get angry about a crumb in your bed?
You comb your hair?
You turn off the lights and close the door before sex?
You floss your teeth?
You use toilet paper?
You eat with a knife and fork?
You only watch porn in secret?
You always smile when you meet someone?
Your spices stand in a row?
You’re ashamed of a loud fart?

– if more than three sentences of these apply to you – then it’s time for you:


katze und krieg will help you! On a walking tour around the block of a neat, clean, nice, decent, tidy neighborhood, katze und krieg invite you to rediscover your animal side in 5-minute exercises. In one exercise, for example, katze und krieg suggest rolling across the sidewalk floor of a commercial street for five minutes, screaming “AHHH!” loudly. Elsewhere, they offer to rattle the fence for five minutes – accompanied by an aggressive “WAAAH!”, and in an accurately planted square, they suggest hitting the water of a fountain with excessive “HUH!” sounds.


On September 14, 2014, the performance took place starting at Kunstraum Lothringer13_Florida in Au-Haidhausen, Munich at the end of a 4 week long residence on site.
On September 24, 2016 the performance took place in Bochum, in cooperation with Admiral and supported by the city of Bochum.


Johannes Sandner


“Release your inner animality” by katze und krieg in UND – Heft für Alternativen, Widersprüche und Konkretes, Innsbruck, Austria 2018


The performance was produced as part of the Artis in Residence program of Kunstraum Lothringer13_Florida, Munich.