riding the cheetah

He is a cheetah, the turbo-capitalism in which we live.
He is faster, bigger, more successful, more beautiful, more efficient, more popular, more muscular, healthier, smarter, more flexible, more connected, stronger, more cunning, leaner, richer.
Always driven by the future.
And we ride it.

The technologized and globalized present of the early 21st century is dominated by a mania for acceleration, efficiency and optimization. When everyone is higher, faster, further, katze und krieg try to be even more higher, faster and further – and to stay relaxed. In a performance in public space they reveal their found strategies that enable them to do even more in even less time: from “Dress n’Walk” – walking and changing clothes at the same time, and “Fippen” combining fitness with shopping, to “Mc Use Of” using existing fast food infrastructures to prepare an own brought-in dinner. By performing private actions in public space and using it for own needs, katze und krieg can do everything they want to do in their free time within one hour: Exercise, shop, rest, prepare their own healthy food, eat dinner, and connect with others. The audience is invited to join the artists in their performative interventions in the urban space and thus be inspired for their own ride through the now.


On September 5/6/7/8, 2018, the performance took place in different quarters of Cologne.
On June 21, 2019, the performance took place as part of the Impulse Academy in Mülheim an der Ruhr.


Rina Schmeing

Public relations

Birte Solinski and Vivien Grabowski


Jörn Vanselow