the adventures of Sissi and Sissi

2012 katze und krieg live for three months in the Schlossdependence of Laudon’s castle, situated close to Vienna. Confronted with a life of stately surroundings, katze und krieg begin to wear sumptuous ball gowns, take time to put on makeup and fix their hair. Transformed into princesses, they set off for the decadent, wealthy Vienna, solely to have a drink. On their way, which they celebrate in slowlyness taken to the extreme, they let themselves be filmed by passers-by. The video “the adventures of Sissi and Sissi” shows how katze and krieg ride the subway, descend stairs, or pay for their soda in the supermarket with the greatest deceleration, and how their surroundings react to it. It reveals the great hectic of our time.


In September 2012 the video film (21min length) was presented in the exhibition “artist in residence” in the Gallery of the Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture, Austria.
2014, the film won the first prize of the film festival “Trans-ideology: Nostalgia” of the Transart Institute for Creative Research and was shown under the curation of Ming Turner at the “Supermarkt” Berlin and the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Taiwan.


“Digitality and Visuality of Nostalgia: Trans-idiology” by Ming Turner at Else Media Journal in October 2014


Residency Program of the Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture, Austria.