the adventures of the Amazones

2011 katze und krieg live for two months in a house in the middle of the jungle of the Brazilian Amazonas. Confronted with a strange place, an alien nature, a tropical climate, and their status of European tourists, they start to exaggerate their being. They start wearing mini dresses, high heels, long hair wigs and lipstick and speak only exalted English to each other. Fascinated by their new and also dangerous environment, they make small excursions by boat into the surrounding area: they visit the jungle, the strange and abandon house of a neighbor, they look for the secret lake and try to find crocodiles at night. As brave and curious tourists, they stumble on high heels into this strange world and at the same time expose themselves to it. During their excursions they film each other and edit a four-part series “The Adventures of the Amazons”: “the secret sea” (22 min) / “in foreign territory” (20 min) / “in the jungle”(15 min) / “the aligator” (11 min).


In November 2011 the series was shown at casa do rio, Amazonas, Brazil.
In January 2012 the series was shown as part of the “instant record collection” at Allgemeiner Konsumverein in Braunschweig.
In 2012 the series was screened as part of the “Looking for your speech” screening at Manzara Perspectives Gallery in Istanbul, Turkey.


Residence casa do rio, Amazonas, Brazil