the village tour of the Cologne town musicians

Come play with us! Become part of our band!

The artists katze und krieg are founding the Cologne town musician band and invite you to be a part of it! As donkeys they will be touring the public space in and around Cologne and you are invited to play along. The kick-off concert will take place on 21.8.22 in Cologne on the square behind of the Eigelsteintorburg. The audience is encouraged to use provided animal masks and instruments to participate in the ecstasy of improvised animal music making. Musical ability and skills are not required. Everyone can play along!

In the following days, the Cologne town musicians will travel with their tour bus to the suburbs of Cologne where they will give daily concerts: first in Niederkassel, then in Erftstadt, Brauweiler, Burscheid and Refrath. In rural areas, too, they aim to convince people to transform themselves into animals and play music together with them during the performative concerts. After each concert, the performing animals are invited to join the donkeys on their tour, until traveling back to Cologne for the final concert as a big animal band.


Tour dates

21.8.22 / Cologne, Am Eigelstein behind the Torburg
22.8.22 / Niederkassel, Rathausplatz, Hauptstraße 41
23.8.22 / Erftstadt, Bürgerplatz, Theodor-Heuss-Strasse
24.8.22 / Brauweiler, Guideplatz
25.8.22 / Burscheid, Am Markt, corner of Hauptstraße
26.8.22 / Refrath, Peter-Bürling-Platz
27.8.22 / Cologne, Am Eigelstein behind the Torburg



Marta Sala



Andrea Tedone



Lea Dinger



“Dorftournee der Kölner Stadtmusikant*innen” von Peter Backof vom 22.08.22 im WDR 3

“Zwei Eselinnen machen Musik” von Tanja Alandt at 27.08.22 in Remscheider Generalanzeiger

“Mitmachkonzert – Kölner Stadtmusikantinnen machen Station in Burscheid” by Eva-Lotte Schäfer at 26.08.22 in Leverkusener Anzeiger