the trip next door

katze und krieg invite their audience to explore peripheral districts of Cologne in a special way. During a joint excursion, supposedly ordinary things, banalities and trifles become real sights and tourist highlights of the quarter. Together they take a closer look at things that are otherwise often overlooked. On their way through the district inconspicuous shops are visited, residents are interviewed, mundane architecture is examined – because behind the familiar façades there are unknown worlds to be discovered.

The performance shivers between an adventure and a touristic tour. The audience can get to know the districts Zollstock, Ostheim, Weiden and Niehl from a different perspective, gain new perspectives and witness the enchantment of the everyday.


Dates and Locations

14.9.23, 3 pm // Cologne Zollstock

15.9.23, 3 pm // Cologne Ostheim

21.9.23, 3 pm // Cologne Weiden

22.9.23, 3 pm // Cologne Niehl


Ticket price: 12/ 9 Euro
The exact meeting point will be announced at the time of ticket reservation.



Samy Ahmed



Vivien Grabowski, Nora Zweiger



Rina Schmeing