we are kings

katze und krieg live in the heart of Marrakech, Morocco, for two months in 2014. On the announcement flyer of their planned interventions in the Marrakech Biennial, they indirectly called themselves kings. Thereupon they are arrested by the secret police, because in the Moroccan monarchy only the king of Morocco may call himself king, otherwise there is the threat of twenty years in prison without trial. However, since it is a misunderstanding, the punishment for katze und krieg is “only” a ban on art and presentation in the whole of Marrakech. In addition, each of their further steps will be secretly supervised. What remains for them is the artistic action in their own four walls at night. Thus katze und krieg secretly film their self-election as kings shortly before their journey home.


The resulting video was distributed via YouTube and Vimeo in spring 2014 shortly after the return to Germany.


Not sponsored by the Prefecture of Marrakech or the Marrakech Biennial.