we want to survive – with magic

It’s winter 2013, katze und krieg don’t have any income from their art right now, but they want to earn their money with exactly that. So they turn into magicians and try to sell rituals for love, trust, eroticism and freedom in the nightlife, directly on the streets of Cologne. Because, they WANT TO SURVIVE – with magic!!!! The video camera documents katze und krieg at work, a videofilm is created.

Performance and film editing

katze und krieg




On May 26, 2013, a public lecture combined with a screening of the three videos “we want to survive – by hook or by crook”, “we want to survive – quite dramatically” and “we want to survive – with magic” took place at Atelierhaus Alteburger Wall.


Karin-Abt-Straubinger Foundation