to really see

A slightly different evening at the nightclub. katze und krieg blindfold their guests. What can we see if we can’t see? The attempt to meet each other without seeing becomes an exercise in trust with oneself, the other, the city and its inhabitants.

Blindfolded, each guest is led individually into the interior of the nightclub in one-on-one encounters with another guest. Instead of prejudices, which are quickly constituted in seeing the other, only the other senses can be used for the encounter. After some time, each of the guests, if he or she wishes, is led by the hand out into urban reality and there, and is brought into an encounter with a stranger in the unprepared and unstaged everyday world. Passerby will be able to observe these unequal couples sitting at café tables, dancing in discos or being led through the city by the hands of others.


On September 24/25/26, 2015, the performance took place as part of Drama Köln’s series Die Stimmen der Dinge at the King Georg nightclub in Cologne.
On November 2, 2018, the performance took place as part of the festival Festivals IETM at Lothringer_13 Munich.


Sickerman and Kiki Bohemia


Cardinal Sessions


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The performance was produced as part of Drama Köln’s series Die Stimmen der Dinge.