birth of paradise

For one day, katze und krieg try to transform the Festival Center of the Arena Festival in Erlangen into their paradise. The door of the room is open, the spectators can come, stay, leave and come back as they like. katze und krieg are equipped with white paper, sharpie and tape. The room, the inventory, as well as the people who are in it, are covered more and more by slips of paper over time. katze und krieg keep writing newly imagined improvements and ascriptions for the respective objects and people on the slips of paper. Then they stick these slips of paper to the objects or the people. In this way they try to change the situation in the room and between the people in their sense. The improvements are mostly formulated as instructions for action, which then, once the note is attached, become a possible way to use the object accordingly or to behave towards the person according to the ascription.
For example, katze und krieg stick a note on a man with the words: “Massages you with pleasure”. The man is then approached by a guest of the performance and asked for a massage. On the door mat katze und krieg stick a note with the words: “Place to loll”. This place is used a bit later by people to lie down together.


On July 8, 2009 the performance took place in Erlangen at the festival “ARENA…der jungen K√ľnste”.
“Birth of Paradise” is a development of the performance “Brood Cell for Paradise.”