For fourteen years katze und krieg have been intervening in the most diverse everyday worlds with their convention-busting performances. So far, the art world has remained untouched. Now it’s the turn of its institutional top: the art museum.

katze und krieg invite you to a guided tour through their performative exhibition “closer” in three established art museums in NRW. In keeping with katze und krieg’s many years of performance work, the exhibition is subversive, ephemeral, and participatory.

The exhibition “closer” is about the encounter and connection between people. Images of being close to one another can be experienced, which are at the same time an intervention in the cool, distanced halls of big art institutions.


On December 2, 2021 and December 5, 2021 the guided tour of the exhibition took place at Museum Ludwig in Cologne, without its autorization.
On December 12, 2021 the guided tour through the exhibition took place in Kunstmuseum Bonn in Bonn, without its autorization.


Public Relations

Vivien Grabowski


Thomas Reul


“Provokante Performance – katze und krieg im Museum Ludwig” by Hans-Christoph Zimmermann in “Choices” of january 22