the worlddeclaration of St. Georgen

The artist duo katze und krieg are invited to a two-week residency at the Kunstverein Global Forest in St. Georgen in the Black Forest. During their residency, the two artists develop an audio piece together with local residents and install it in the show and listening window on the façade of the Kunstverein.

For the creation of the radio play, katze und krieg approach the inhabitants of St. Georgen on the sidewalk, in the street café or in front of the supermarket and unabashedly confront the people with simple why-questions about their taken-for-grantedness, habits and ideas about their own living environment. In doing so, katze und krieg record the questions and answers with an audio recorder. With this method, the two artists scan the village and, when edited together, create an auditory picture of the everyday structures of the place and the people who live there.

“the worlddeclaration of St. Georgen” is the fourth part of the series “the worlddeclaration”, which katze und krieg have already started in Burgbrohl, Neu-Ulm and Rheydt.

Excerpt of the audioplay “the worlddeclaration of St. Georgen”


On August 14, 2021, the opening of the installation including an artist talk moderated by Jessica Twitchell took place in front of the Kunstverein Global Forest at Friedrichstraße 5a. At the push of a button, the audio piece can still be heard in the coming months.

Light design

Sebastian Bauhof


“the worlddeclaration of St. Georgen” is supported by the residency program of the Kunstverein Global Forest e.V.